Welcome to JSI

JSI Mission Statement

Jersey Shore Investments was created to provide our clients with a safe haven to grow their investments. Our purpose at Jersey Shore Investments is to provide for each and every client the same level of client service and expertise as the next investor, regardless of investment experience or the account size.

The notion of creating a website where investors can speed up the processes of getting started, requesting a service call, and referring their friends creates numerous advantages to our clients. We constantly strive to create and maintain efficient workflow procedures, with the idea that such measures will reduce costs across the board as we continue to grow. Our business model will create other advantages as well, most notably absolute transparency with respect to fees and commissions, and the ability to lower these fees on an individual basis as your network of referred Family and Friends expands.

We feel that looking our investors in the eye as we take on the responsibility of managing their financial affairs is paramount in this industry. Marketing to primarily local investors allows us to conduct much of our business face to face. In times of distress in the financial markets as well as in the personal lives of our investors, it is this relationship that grants peace of mind both to our clients and to those making the investment recommendations. Working with those who share a love for the Jersey Shore simply provides a common thread for building a healthy, long-standing relationship.

We hope that the information provided on the website will answer most of the common questions investors may have, and we are confident that the time saved on paperwork and high pressure sales tactics will translate into more time available for the important aspects of proper money management, such as education, research, and taking the time to properly understand each individual's financial concerns. We encourage our users to take full advantage of the site, and we will be constantly working to improve what we can offer from a web-based perspective. This way you may be free to enjoy your life and sleep well at night knowing that your financial future is in the best of hands.