JSI Portfolio Review

Virtually every investor we speak with has concerns about their investment accounts. Whether you have under performing stocks, questions about the performance of your mutual funds, concerns about an annuity product you may not understand, or problems with your current advising relationship, we can help!

After speaking with us, simply locate a copy of your latest account statements and either fax or mail them to us for review. The review process can take up to a week, and will include a detailed analysis of your current account(s), which will highlight problem areas and recommend potential solutions customized for your individual financial situation. Please be sure to include the most recent statements for the most accurate results.

The portfolio review is a service we provide free of charge. The intent is to address potential problem areas, educate you on a variety of solutions and work with you to select the best possible arrangement going forward.

If you decide to take our advice, the account transfer process is very easy. Transfer forms can be completed online, mailed to us with your signature. It generally takes from 5-14 business days for the accounts to be moved from your current investment house to Jersey Shore Investments.