Our Philosophy

We offer investors the opportunity to achieve an absolute rate of return over time through active account management. Over the years we have come to understand the importance of making tactical adjustments to our portfolios as market conditions change.   Experience teaches us that applying proper trading discipline and speculative best-practices to even the most conservative of investment accounts can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line.

We are a fee-based advisory firm with a fiduciary responsibility to our clients, and we aim to offer the best advice and account management services possible to all investors that require our help. We want to make sure that the advice we give and the decisions we make for our clients are commensurate with their individual objective(s), investment horizon, liquidity concerns and tolerance for risk. If you have any questions concerning suitability or account equity requirements for some of our more advanced strategies, please contact us at 866-727-1532.

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Important Note: We specialize in active, absolute-return strategies and employ a wide variety of technical tools and proprietary trading methods in our pursuit of these returns. While the JSI Advisor Capital Growth and JSI Advisor Growth and Income Strategies are suitable for many non-accredited investors, our more advanced strategies require the use of margin, futures and futures options trading approvals, and would typically be considered unsuitable for less sophisticated investors. We do not currently offer any commodity futures-based trading strategies (including equity index futures trading) in Separately-Managed Accounts under 100,000 USD. We manage two advanced alternative investment strategies exclusively on the Interactive Brokers Money Manager Platform and are currently looking to develop a pair of funds to which we will eventually transition these strategies. These private offerings would only be for individuals and institutions that meet both the Accredited Investor standard set forth by the SEC, and the Qualfied Eligible Person (QEP) standard set forth by the CFTC. Jersey Shore is a Registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and Commodity Pool Operator (CPO) with the National Futures Association (NFA), and does not currently offer any futures-based trading strategies to non-QEPs.

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